Tuesday, February 13, 2007

It's been a long time...

... since I wrote! Very long in fact, too long, way, way too long, shit! So a quick recap, for New Years (haha!), I ended up going to my sister's friends place for a party. It was great, we had an amazing view of the Harbour Bridge and saw the fireworks perfect. I really found it odd as I always saw the fireworks on TV (when they do the "New Year's around the world" dealio) and here I am, seeing it in person. Anyways, they were awesome! You want it to be cold for Christmas, but warm for New Years, it's fucking awesome! I bought a surfboard in January and def have not been out surfing as much as I'd like. I really shoulda thought the purchase out a bit more as having no vehicle really does make it a pain in the ass to get to the beach with a 7'3" surfboard. But, I'm stuck with it now, so I gotta make it work.

Also in January I saw my friend G (whom I liked to call Kumar as he was brown, I'm asian, so yeah) leave and go back to his native England. For those of you who don't know (and I'm sure that's everybody), Kumar and I met randomly at some bar (not like that) where he was there with some people and I was there with some people. We talked and found we were in the same boat. That being, new to the city, don't know anybody, but both had the intentions of going out, partying and trying to pickup. From that point forward, my Friday/Saturday nights were already determined: I was going out with Kumar to these dingy, sleazy bars, till 6am, trying to pickup girls. And isn't it funny, the one night I ditched him and decide to go out with my roommates, is the night I get into a scuffle. Anyways, our ritual began around 9pm. We'd hit the bottle shop and get a bottle of either Bacardi, JD, or Jim Beam. Then we'd get a couple small bottles of cokes, go to our usual drinking spot, tip out half the coke, fill them up evenly with whatever liquor we had and drink it within an hour. Then we'd debate/argue about where to go. We always made it a point to say "ok, next week we're going to go someplace nice". That never happend. Always the same, dodgy bars. Then we'd proceed to try and pickup girls. Sometimes we were successful and sometimes not. I had the method of actually talking to them (to which Kumar replied "you actually talk to them, that's amazing. if i talk to them, i will say something stupid, guaranteed"). He had the method of just dancing by a girl and somehow wheelin' her that way. I am not comfortable with this technique, though it did work for him (though when it didn't, he sure did get some bad looks). During these few months, I drank ALOT, or so my sister says. I would disagree, but that's just difference of opinion I guess.

I've made it a point to cook more things and experiment. I've actually been looking up recipes and making things WITHOUT my BBQ! Me not having propane for the last 2 months might also contribute to that. But even if I did, cooking is actually quite fun. I just wish I didn't have a cockroach infested kitchen to cook in. Hate those mother fuckers.

Last week the entire Account services team went on a creative retreat in Port Stephens for 2 nights and it was amazing! We stayed in these townhouse style places, with 3-4 people per townhouse. In our's, we had a fantastic view of the beach and was just spectacular inside. But it wasn't all surf and sand, we did have to do work, but enjoyable work. Stuff to expand your mind and get your creative brain juices flowing.

Some of you may know, I need to move, which is a pain in the ass. Reason being, due to circumstance, my one roommate had to leave. Then, my other roommate decides that he's going to move in with his g/f. Well I don't want to sign a lease, nor have bills under my name (b/c I'm still unsure if I'm getting sponsored or not), so I'm now looking for a place. Ugh. It took me a month to find this place and now I gotta find a place in about 2 weeks. Not cool.

Other than that, work is getting busy! People are going on holidays, getting married, etc etc. I've forgotten what responsibility was for the last while. But it's good responsibility, except when I fuck up.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas time

It does not feel like Christmas at all. I haven't had too many warm Christmas', had a few back in the homeland, but this is my first in Sydney. The time has gone by super fast, I can't believe Christmas is in 5 days! Not that I really care about Christmas as I'm not super big on it, it's just another day. Tho, I will accept gifts, easily:)

We had our Christmas party yesterday, which consisted of taking water taxis to a pretty swish seafood restaurant, called FLying Fish, on King's Wharf for lunch. Now, I'm not a fan of seafood, but I decided just to close my eyes and swallow. And honestly, it wasn't that bad. The deserts were the best part tho, so good. And with this lunch, was a lot of wine. Afterwards, we all headed to a lounge/bar (same place I had lunch on Monday) and proceeded to drink, drink, drink. I went from beer to wine to double G&T's to double vodka/Red Bull's (yea, I dunno why) to JD/coke. Broad range of liquor to grumble in my tummy. There were lots of whoooo'ing going on, these poor Sydneysiders, had no idea what I was doing. Surprisingly, I was alright this morning/afternoon. I did receive a fright, 2 actually, today. I woke up, walked out of my room to take a shower, only to find a bird in my living room. We don't have screen doors unfortunately and we leave our doors open all the time. I finally shoo'd the bird out, but fuck, did it freak me out. Another scare, at work we were in the courtyard enjoying some bacon/egg sandwiches. A bunch of us were sitting at the table where, unbeknownst to me, crawling on my sleeve was a gigantic cricket or grasshopper or something. Whatever it was, it was ugly. I finally noticed it screamed, jumped out of my seat and ran back inside, much to the amusement of others. But, it's time for me to sleep, I'm super exhausted. Enjoy the pictures!


I have an addiction to corn nuts. I received 3 bags from my Secret Santa. Woot!

Blotchiness galore alongside my boss

The Asian contingency... they bring food, I eat it. Just like mom used to make.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Comfortability is great!

I'm finally starting to feel comfortable. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable at work, I'm getting on with everybody and enjoy going to work. I'm feeling very comfortable at home, my roommates are fun and outgoing. Life in Sydney is turning out to be alright. The other day I was about to meet my roommate for a film @ 7 on Oxford St. with some of his friends. I was about to leave work @ 6, when something last minute came up and I had to stay a little bit late, thus I couldn't catch my bus. This posed a problem as I needed to meet up with him soon. I decided I'd try to make it anyways and take a bus directly into the city and take a cab from the QVB to Oxford. I realized at 6:55pm, it wasn't going to happen so I decided just going to get a bite and head home. Whilst walking along George St., I notice a mob of people on the right at a movie theatre. As I got closer I could finally read the sign, which read: "SEE BORAT IN PERSON AT THE RED CARPET PREMIERE OF HIS NEW MOVIE". Sure enough from across the street, through the heads of people, stood a tall, dark haired individual with a fantastic mo and a terrible suit. I thought what luck that I choose to go into the city, get off at this particular station, walk at this particular time, only to see Borat.

I bought a sweet ass bbq the other day during my lunch hour. I went with these 2 lovely girls from work, one of whom obviously drove (and is quite cute I might add). We went to "BBQ's Galore", which I thought would've been close by but it wasn't, It was about a 15 min drive. We took an extra 15 mins for lunch, so we had 75 mins to get there, buy the bbq, get a bite and get back because I had a meeting @ 2. We finally get there and the sale's person was an older guy and loved to explain everything such as "you need to shut the lid everytime you bbq something". Thanks for the headsup... So I finally purchase my bbq and we head back, except traffic was terrible. I finally got back 5 mins late, but nobody else from the account team was in the meeting so I didn't feel so bad. Fast track to tonight and I finally got to use my new bbq. It's a beaut!
That's Giles (aka Jet) and myself throwing a shrimp on the barby.
Again Jet, myself and Lexi (some girl Jet's banging) on our balcony enjoying the end product of the new bbq.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A damn horse race...

So Melbourne Cup lasts about 2 minutes. And for this 2 minute horse race, we stopped working @1:30 ate bbq and drank beer, then all headed to the pub. It was quite funny as I went to the bookie with my bosses to place bets and had no idea what I was doing. I was looking at this little piece of paper, marking X's at random, there ya go $20. Then another $10 for the office sweeps. I've never lost $30 so quickly, I'd rather go to the casino and play 21. Anyways, at the pub I must've had... like 6-8 schooners, then for whatever reason I switched to rye & coke. I never drink rye & coke, this night was different however. One HUGE disappointment: I must've talked to about 6-8 women and they were all old. Like old... like all above 30. If it's not minor's I'm seeking, its old women with kids 'n shit. Why can't I find anything in the middle!? Anyways, needless to say I was tiiiiiiired this morning. Much to my delight, we received massages today at work. And since there were no bookings directly after me, I got an extra 5mins;). I'm actually busy at work now! I have stuff to do! The days just fly by now, its great. But thats enough for now, time for bed.

** I found a greeeeeeeeeat blog. Warning, its very, very graphic... I love it.**

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Glebe, my home sweet home

Yes, I have finally moved into a place! I had to go to IKEA on Saturday and that was... a nightmare. I think IKEA has got to easily be the most negative place I've ever been to, and it doesn't matter what country you're in, its the same bullshit. People are arguing, kids are crying, its a very exhausting ordeal. Anyways, after spending too much money, I decide to take Oliv & Ian out for dinner, to show them my appreciation for letting me stay with them for 6 weeks (wow, I've been gone for almost 2 months!). We went to a place near my work actually and it just so happend the Tri-Nations tournament was on TV, Australia vs. Great Britain. I was never really watching it, until the entire bar went "Oooooooohhhhh". Obviously we look up and witness this:

So today is the Melbourne Cup. When I first heard about it, I couldn't believe that one single 10 min horse race stops a nation, but apparently that is the case. Our office will shut down today @2 for BBQ and beer to watch this horse race. In Victoria, it's an official holiday. Everywhere, it's an unofficial holiday. Just another reason for Aussie's to drink and gamble.

Anyways, I should be heading to work. I'll have pictures of my digs pretty soon, once it gets all unpacked. That is all.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


I dont like this one bit... http://au.news.yahoo.com/061029/2/117so.html

Kings Cross station is 4 stops away from Central, my station... yeah...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

I *heart* 17 year olds...

So I ventured off this fine Saturday morning to go to do an inspection at an apartment. It was actually pretty nice and quite cheap, unfortunately I got there kind of late so the real estate agent was just about to pack up to leave so I didn't have time to fill out the application. He advised me to go to the real estate office which was just down the road. So off I go to the office. Much to my surprise the receptionist was Mmm Mmm fine, cute face, nice cleavage, etc etc. So as I'm filling out my application, I notice that I need my passport #. I didn't have it with me nor do I have it memorized, so I asked her if it was really necessary. Much to my disappointment, she said it was. So I left. About a block and half down the road I decided, I should ask the receptionist out. So back I go. She was surprised to see me again so quickly. I asked her for coffee and she seemed genuinely flattered and into it. Unfortunately she was busy all weekend with work, as well as spending time with family because it was her birthday on Tuesday. Of course I ask her how old shes turning. She replies "I'm turning 17". Yes, 17. She wasn't even 17, she's fucking 16. I asked out a 16 year old. Needless to say I was shocked, and said have a great day and left. I find it pretty funny, yet gross at the same time. Tho, I'm sure all you dudes reading this are goin "hit that". She was a haht tho. Good for her ... good for everybody really.